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Invest in people. And they invest in you.



Collaboration is key to successful agility. Invest in talent development and collaboration. It makes the job engaging, meaningful - and simply put: More fun. Positive and Impactful. Common sense supported by a business case.

Speed of learning is a competitive differentiator

Employee Lifetime Values is an easy to understand mindset. Simple. Intuitiv. Increase how fast and high someone can go in their job. Work with our solutions and be inspired by our experience and approach


1. Onboarding

Well planned onboarding is a good investment. It secures faster time-to-performance, handover of culture and most importantly - increases retention. First impressions do last.


We help you boost team-spirit, performance and branding. And free up time for managers to run their business.

2. People development

Knowledgable and engaged leaders and specialists contributes to higher performance and a strong culture. Knowledge is not power. Knowledge is profit!


We provide consultancy and solutions to support a learning and performance organization. To help you raise how high someone can go over time. And make people stay longer. It’s good for people. And it’s good for innovation and customers.


Scenario 1: A normal organization with average People Practices. Scenario 2: An organization with slightly better, more optimized People Practices.

Case 1: Sales People

In both Scenario 1 and Scenario 2 the salespeople have salaries of $5,000/mo and quotas of $50,000/mo. Their projected output per month is $50,000 of revenue less their salary of $5,000, resulting in $45,000 net revenue per month.

Impact of Onboarding
Conservative assumption: A better onboarding program that encompasses pre-boarding, a deliberate new hire experience, and training can decrease an employee’s ramp time by 30%.

Impact of management & development
Conservative assumption: Great management and development practices that involve coaching and training can improve an employee’s performance by 20% in a year.

Impact of culture & management
Conservative assumption: Great culture and management practices can add a year to employee tenure.

If we continue the graph out over three years (average eltv) and assume that it takes 4 months to backfill the salesperson in scenario 1, the relative difference in ELTV becomes staggering. In the case study we walked through, the difference between average and slightly optimized People Practices for one salesperson over the course of three years is $1,300,000 in net revenue, or a 2.5x difference for the organization.

Case 2: Engineers

We can apply ELTV to Engineering as well, but instead of “net revenue” we use the abstract concept of “engineering productivity”. In the sales case study, we assumed a 20% difference between the two salespeople. In engineering, some people say that a great engineer is 10xas good as an average engineer. For the sake of sticking with conservative assumptions, we’ll assume that difference in engineer #1 and engineer #2 is 3x.
The ELTV difference between these two engineering examples is 6.6x over three years. Put another way, that means that one engineer in scenario 2 can do the work of 6 engineers in scenario 1. That’s a staggering return on investment from a handful of People programs.



Our learning approach


We build all our solutions around the logic of the 70:20:10 model – an existing and respected learning framework developed to help people and organizations perform at the speed of business. This is how we think of it

70% of learning comes everyday work - collaborating, reflecting and doing your job
20% of learning comes from structured conversations and coaching
10% of learning comes from formal skill-based training

By using the 70:20:10 approach we secure learning applicable in the workflow - supporting business impact


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