Onboarding is the value based
integration of new employees
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People are most likely to leave their jobs after first, second and third year. Employees that goes through a structured onboarding program are 69% more likely to stay for 3 or more years.

That’s why onboarding is so important.

The in's and out's of onboarding
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7 common reasons why employees quit a new job quickly

Source: Bamboo HR

Source: Bamboo HR

Data on exit reasons is a window of opportunity. Upgrade current solution - before it is too late.


Why onboarding is so important

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The problem

33% of employees quitting before six months reports barely no onboarding.

New-hires feel kept in the dark for too long. A deep sense of ambiguity around personal role expectation and priorities often kicks in. They point to an inefficient and random onboarding as main reason.

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Why it matters

It costs anything between 50-400% in annual salary in replacement costs.

What a great place to work! An effective onboarding experience positively affects colleagues.

Bottomline: An average of 11.5% higher employee performance with effective onboarding.

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The solution

Be super clear from day one about the entire onboarding agenda & don’t miss the chance for team-building events.

Remember the power of an engaging first assignment.

Don’t wait until first day to set up meetings and onboarding activities. Structured preboarding increases engagement even before first day.

Traditionally onboarding is a dry overwhelming process. Knowledge and information. But it doesn’t have to be a drag.

The impact


First Impressions Matter. Successful onboarding affects all aspects of performance

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Significant higher financial ROI on recruitments.

Better promotion of core values & behaviors.

Proud new-hires are better ambassadors.

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New employee

Shorter “ramp-time” means quick successes and increased engagement.

Clever challenging of existing procedures and ability to perform.

Increased sense of belonging + quick community build-up.

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Manager and Team

Actually “owns” new-hire from first day at the job!

Indirect leadership development + increased sense of accountability.

Much stronger team introduction and less performance down-time.

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Increased organizational learning across functions.

Better matrix and project understanding via clever conversations.

Increased sensemaking by being asked to support others with limited business knowledge.


 Collaborative onboarding for performance

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What you get



1. Faster and better onboarding

Provide a warm professional welcome even before day-one. With preboarding. Have new employees warmed-up and ready-to-go from the very first day.

2. Engaging content

Forget about boring introductions and slide shows. Apply a user friendly self-paced approach with videos, quizzes and group learning. Make it personal and create a consistently high quality across departments, venues and cultures.

3. Business development

Our approach develops the cultural glue deep within employee networks. Because we insist on impactful value-chain and team conversations. So, onboarding becomes learning. And business development.

It’s a simple all-round investment that serves as a competitive advantage.

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Award-winning mobile first platform

Self paced learning journey. Information, reflection, activation, conversations and gamification. We do the hard work. You save time and merely add cultural glue.

Example of program motivation and learning journey presentation

Example of program motivation and learning journey presentation

Example of session kick-off and content

Example of session kick-off and content

Example of communications style

Example of communications style

Example of cultural integration and feedback to HR people practices

Example of cultural integration and feedback to HR people practices

Exampe of employer branding via employee LinkedIn certificates

Exampe of employer branding via employee LinkedIn certificates


Technology that enables learning



Clear Steps With Clear Objectives

Users are guided through a clearly defined learning path designed to accelerate the skills and knowledge needed to perform quickly in the job. We expect participants to complete all steps within two months of first working day.


Mix of Activities to Maximize Learning

The program combines multiple types of activities such as videos, collaboration tasks, social learning (shared online community), gamification, text, manager dialogue and self reflection.


Easy Access and Self Paced

The program runs through mobile, iPad or computer and is highly flexible, so people can access anytime to continue on the learning path when it fits their needs and schedule.

Users can decide to spend most time on the topics that they find most relevant.

New hires learn best by doing*

Source: Chronus

Source: Chronus

Retained from on-the-job experiences

Source: Chronus

Source: Chronus

Retained from discussion

Source: Chronus

Source: Chronus

Retained from reading

Don’t overwhelm a new hire with grueling eight-hour, single-day orientations that overload them with information.

How to implement Collaborative Onboarding
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Easy to implement

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1. Assess and decide

Do you have room for improvement?

Integrate additions into current HR-roadmap and allocate a few ressources to get stakeholder buy-in.

We’ll provide consultancy and best-practice advice throughout the entire fase.

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2. Customize and implement

You know your strategy and people. We know the process and achievement.

Together we customize a solution that people will never forget. Workshops on site with great ambassadors and colleagues - using a minimum of ressources. Hand-held by us all the way.

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3. Work Out Loud

Boost HR. Our quarterly report enables you to develop the program, your managers and employer branding initiatives. Use data to craft an impactful storyline. And make it stick. Market it consistently, somewhere between tactical and strategic.


System integration


Integrates with SAP SuccessFactors

We offer an integrated learning solution that combines the strength of both SAP SuccessFactors LMS capabilities and the mobility of our platform.

… as well as several other HR and LMS systems

In case of questions, do not hesitate to reach out!


A solution supported with + 100 languages


Reach out

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