The irrational side of change management


Most managers feel - wrongly - that when change is communicated, it makes perfect sense to all.

To overcome this, all levels must engage in finding a compelling change-story.

Change agents should wear the jersey and act as visible role models.

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McKinsey Insight
The Collaboration Blind Spot


Any group needs to maintain a level of security when collaborating with other units or teams.

Leaders forget this as they argue for loss of security in an agile work-environment.

Minimize the resistance by reinforcing group identity and reaffirm legitimacy.

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What to Do When You Lose Your Best Employee


Losing an employee is not free. It costs. In new recruitment, knowledge and all relationships.

Creating strong brand ambassadors among exit employees cannot be left to managers.

Invite lost talent to communicate feelings so they feel genuinely valued.

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Gallup Research
Millennials in the Workplace


50-70 % of new hired managers in the US fail at their new job and leave within 18 months

This creates lack of trust which in turn affect morale, turnover, service, quality and much more

Infuse the entire new team with a sense of accountability in welcoming new peers.

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Simon Sinek